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Faetilar 05.09.2021
You two are good
Douzilkree 08.09.2021
Oi gata vem de chat
Taugor 11.09.2021
This man is supah supah hot what is his name
Kigar 12.09.2021
Not getting into the abortion debate but I do think it's fair to choose not to date someone if they hold a view that you are extremely opposed to. It's not about politics. It's about values. I have family members that are Mexican immigrants. If you think anyone that crosses the border illegally should be shot, a'int no second date bruh. That's not about your politics. It's because you're a terrible person.
Brazahn 13.09.2021
I can mix up a decent corned beef hash with my St. Pat’s Day leftovers. Love it super crispy in the cast iron skillet.