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Darwin, Marx, Gobineau - Demons of science. PDF Печать E-mail
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Offer themselves acquainted with the work: - Human Genetics and massacres B. Muller-Hill. We have not found in searches of this article in English. Let us reverse translation from Russian is hardly appropriate.
Before you call the famili and names (and readers, please offer their own versions), we turn to the history issue. Since ancient times. Despite the massive throw-in information space of historical lies, we must find the courage to look at the problem without bias, and based on our own intellect to their feelings.
We apologize for machine translation of text, but, as we mentioned earlier, we do not have the financial means to supply professional translations. We have our modest income barely enough to make ends meet. Unfortunately search engines are not given the material (with which we are starting their own publications) in the original. . Reverse transfers give significant distortions and hope that the reader himself can find the English text.
Review of this article lead to the idea that the misadventures of modern civilization, scientists Sigrun his sinister role. Beginning with Darwin, Marx and finishing. Therefore, there is an urgent need to ban any secret research in the basic sciences. Copyrights should not be a shear for such studies. You can find other rules that the interests of the researcher. All basic research should be transparent. We need to find a consensus within the UN. In order not to prejudice the interests of the researcher, the authorship should belong to the person who first expressed the idea or hypothesis Ain someone who managed to draw his authorship of the relevant procedures. This excluded vovovstvo ideas. If, for example, two talented scientists zapnimayutsya on related topics, the first person to guess the essence of the phenomenon or process, and he gets an advantage.
When setting the research results, supplementing a subject of study, the authors can agree on their Sammy shares, or with the help of third parties. Keeping secrets hidden fundamental research should be prosecuted. This prizyvaet history of the last 500 years. We must put an end to domination of any sort nebylo State or group of states that dictate global rules of the game. We must breathe life into the UN. We should resolutely to expand its powers. For example, someone sanktsianiroval building the collider? Is an increase in knowledge of the microworld is a problem for survival. Does not the opposite is the case. Mastery of nuclear energy has put mankind on the brink of destruction. Who is authorized. Politicians have done it. Narrow proslyka people dictate the rules to all mankind. Let us return to our demons - scientists, politicians, who always acted as "saviors."
Getting composes a black list of scientists laid the foundations of the modern theory of hate. All of them obedinyaet false ideas. Such false theory received support from politicians who are not guided by conscience. So, the list of scientists: -

1.Charlz Darwin - Evolutionary theory of heredity and variation of human evolutionary way. Denial of God.220px-Charles_Darwin_1880

2. Karl Heinrich Marx - class criterion. Denial of God.200px-Karl_Marx_001

3. Joseph Arthur de Gobineau - the theory of racial inequality, which became the excuse of national oppression of some nations over others. Latent form of denial of God.220px-Arthur_de_Gobineau

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